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Telebelt ? Conveyors

Putzmeister’s Telebelt ?  telescopic belt conveyors take versatility to new lengths. They place unpumpable concrete, and convey materials from sand to rock with high volume output while reducing maintenance, fuel needs and noise. The line has grown to include a variety of mounting options including, truck, semi-trailer and tower or crane chassis mounting.

Fast and efficient, with observed outputs up to 5 cubic yards per minute, they place high volumes of material with ease – concrete, gravel, rock, backfill and more. A congested job site, wooded lot, muddy ground, or conveying from outdoors to insidoors - Telebelts are up for any job and help you save on time and labour.

Telebelt ? are ideal for a variety of applications, including: dams, caissons, wind turbine foundations, bridge decks, backfilling, mat pours, environmental, warehouse slabs, foundations, footings, tilt-up, and outdoor slabs.



Places high volumes of material with ease


Fast, efficient and versatile

Main components

The 360° hydraulically actuated telescopic boom is one of the Telebelt ? main components. It operates at all lengths through a single control lever to extend and retract all boom sections. The machine is equipped with only one single belt, which eliminates material drop and mix problems.

The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted infinitely from 0 to 100%. Its take-up system and the belt tensioning jack set ensure a long life of the belts and drive rollers as well as ease of service. The main conveyor is supported by a feed conveyor, which is likewise equipped with a 360° rotation allowing it to be loaded from any position desired. Its adjustable feeder legs are ideal for varied job site conditions.

All boom movements can be controlled with one joystick thanks to the Exclusive Modular Boom System (MBS). As emergency backup, there are separate manual controls for every function.

The Telebelt ? can be equipped with a variety of hopper options as per the requirements, such as a front end loader hopper, low profile hopper, side loading channels, or rock hopper.



Fast, efficient and versatile

Unique Outrigger Design

Putzmeister’s unique patented butterfly design of the outriggers doesn’t require level ground for a fast setup. The front and rear outriggers manually swing out and hydraulically extend up or down. They can be activated through touch pads on each outrigger or manual controls behind the cab. Their special configuration keeps the outriggers compact during travel, yet provides stability for a long reach.


Allows for easy maneuverability and stability