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Compressed air conveyor for screed applications

A compressed air conveyor operates according to the plug conveyance principle and is ideally suited for conventional screed applications. Some of the compressed air enters the pressure reservoir as header air and is mixed with the material to be conveyed, while the remainder enters the pressure line in order to separate the material into plugs and push them along the hose.

Site mixes (water, aggregate, binder) are added to the mixing vessel and then conveyed to the discharge tripod by compressed air.


Ideal for conventional screed applications


Equipped with a flexible rotor and stator system

Mixer pump

The hopper can be filled with bagged goods or premixed dry mortar via an air injection hood. The material enters the mixing pipe assisted by the agitator, and the water quantity can be adjusted accurately and added directly to the mortar in the mixing zone. The pump consists of a flexible rotor & stator system.








Equipped with a flexible rotor and stator system

Piston pump

Putzmeister double piston pump operates with a high degree of reliability. The low set agitator conveys concrete to the cylinder openings, and two changeover cylinders move the S-transfer tube back and forth between the pressure and suction openings. Hard chrome plated delivery cylinders, spectacle wear plates made from hardened steel and the design of the S-transfer tube system all guarantee a long service life.


Operates with a high degree of reliability


Ideal for extreme conditions

Mechanical single piston pump

A pump for extreme conditions. The material is conveyed from the trap mixer through the hopper to the intake opening, where the delivery piston draws it through the valve housing. Automatically controlled ball valves then operate to open the channel to the pressure outlet of the pump. The delivery pistons are driven by a cam disc and operate with a counter stroke, where by one piston only offers a balancing function.







Ideal for extreme conditions

Worm pump

The material flows steadily out of the feed hopper and into the screw conveyor assisted by the mixer shaft. The conveyor consists of a rotating steel shaft (rotor) and a flexible rubber housing (stator), and the delivery rate and pressures depend on the geometry of these parts. These durable worms have a robust design and are capable of conveying high viscosity materials.


Designed to convey high viscosity materials